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Clothing Measurement Tips 

Body measurement tips and tricks you need to know to get accurate measurements

Update Your Measurement

Your body is constantly changing so make sure to keep your measurements up to date!

Dress Measurement is an intuitive app that stores your most up to date measurements.  It allows you to take, store and send your measurements in an easy to read pdf file.

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Adhesive Tape

If you don’t have anyone to help you, try taping the measuring tape to yourself.

Mirror, Mirror

Standing in front of the mirror helps because you can see what you’re doing.

No Shoes

Do not wear shoes when taking measurements for a floor length gown

Wear a bra

When measuring your bust area, wear the bra you plan on wearing underneath the dress you are being measured for.

Get help

Some body parts are difficult to measure on your own (e.g. leg inseam, shoulder to elbow). It’s easier to have someone help you with these tricky measurements.


For accurate measurements and comfortable clothing, it’s important to stand how you normally would. Don’t suck in your tummy and don’t flex.

Snug Fit

No loose clothing. Wear tight fitting clothes to get accurate measurements.

Not sure how to take your clothing measurement? Check out our blog posts for a comprehensive body measurement guide for men and women.
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