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Legit or Scam?

When you see deals that are too good to be true you have to ask; is Zaful legit? Can I trust Romwe? Is Shein good quality?

Bye Bye Brick and Mortar

Departments stores are closing and online stores are popping up all over social media. If you’re on Instagram you have definitely seen top bloggers wearing clothes from stores like fashionnova, windsorstore, zaful, boohoo and so many others. I’m personally not a fan of online shopping because it’s usually more hassle than its worth. If the clothes don’t fit you either have to go through the process of returning (which may or may not cost money depending on the stores return policy) or you’re stuck with it (because it was on sale and everyone knows you can’t return sales items). When I shop there are three questions I ask myself:

  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it trendy?
  • Is it good quality?

When it comes to online shopping the first two questions are easy. It’s the third question that’s tricky because pictures can be deceiving. Do you know what heartbreak is? It is buying an outfit you see online, waiting weeks for the package to arrive, only to open it and see that it looks nothing like it did on screen. That, my friends, is true heartbreak. Case in point.

How do you know which online stores you can trust?

If the bloggers are getting paid to advertise the products can their opinion be truly unbiased? A lot of people claim that online stores send their best quality clothes to bloggers to review while they send actual paying customers poor quality clothes. So, the question is, should you shop at these stores or should you stick to they typical stores like Asos, H&M and Zara? Thankfully there are youtubers who spend their own money and give honest reviews about their purchases. Check out their videos to see what they thought.






Different stores have different size guides. Download the Dress Measurement App, so you always have your measurement available. It makes online shopping so much easier.

Don’t know how to measure yourself? Check out our blog post for a detailed guide on how to take accurate body measurements