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Social media has paved the way for a whole new crop of style icons. With a good camera and a good eye for fashion, it’s easier than ever for the everyday person to become a fashion influencer. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe or you want to change your style, there are so many fashion blogs that will have your creative juices flowing. From bloggers like Courtney Quinn whose feed is an explosion of color to design students like Serrabellum, who is the definition of modern muse, you will never run out of inspiration.

Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney

So. Much. Color.

Courtney’s Instagram feed is a delightful explosion of color. This New Yorker’s style is bold, bright and unapologetically quirky. We love how she doesn’t hesitate to mix and match colors and prints. She may have not invented color blocking, but she does it better than anyone we know. Who else can pull off Cherry Red, Neon Pink and Bright Orange?

The Debonair Disciple

Style Chameleon

The Debonair disciple is one of the few bloggers who can wear a shirt with three buttons undone and somehow not look like a douche. That is talent. He is an African blogger who draws inspiration from his heritage. You can see the Ghanian style influences in a lot of his posts. His style is a very balanced blend of multiple cultures. A true Afropolitan.

Belle Lucia

Beach Babe

Is there such a thing as too many bikinis? If you ask Belle Lucia, her answer will probably be definitely not! Belle Lucia’s style is easy, breezy, fun and flirty. Her wardrobe mainly consists of airy summer sundresses and cute crop tops and shorts. She travels around the world for photoshoots and that’s why the background of her pictures are always so beautiful! (We also have to take a moment to acknowledge her make-up. Her contour is straight fire!)

Serrabellum by Yemesi Abraham

Edgy and Sophisticated

This Fashion student’s Instagram feed is ultimate goals. Her pictures are dope and her feed is so aesthetically pleasing. Her style is modern, edgy and sophisticated all at the same time. If you want to dress like her, you’re in luck, she recently debuted her fashion line. Her pieces are unique and unlike anything that’s out right now. She is the future of fashion. You heard it here first.

Parisas Passion by Parisas Padar

Refined Elegance

Parisas is effortlessly stylish. Her style can be described as a grown-up Blair Waldorf (sans hair band of course.) Parisas looks like she could be the editor of a major fashion magazine or the director of a global fashion house. Very Anna Wintour.

Fede Rangel

Preppy and Casual

We love a man who isn’t afraid to experiment with his style. Fede’s style oscillates between modern preppy and laidback, but there are a few pictures where he clearly steps out of his comfort zone. Sometimes he does it with a pop of color (bright red shoes) or an quirky design (Hawaiian print). His bio on Instagram reads “Inspire people to dress better.” He also has a Youtube channel where he describes ways to achieve the minimal aesthetic look. He is definitely some you want to follow.

Tales from the Thrift

Ballin on a Budget

Christina is an expert on looking fly on a budget. She has a great eye for cheap fashion (some of her coolest pieces were discovered in thrift stores). According to her, an estimated 75% of her wardrobe comes from thrift and consignment stores. Her blog Tales from the thrift, is a guide on how to brave the forbidden land that is New York thrift stores. She details her thrifting adventures and helps readers discover the best second-hand stores in and around New York City. She’s the girl next door with a great fashion sense.

It can be hard to emulate your favorite blogger’s style if their wardrobe tends to be on the pricey side. There are so many Instagram boutiques and online clothing stores popping up to solve this problem by offering trendy clothes at affordable prices. A lot of them seem too good to be true and you can’t help but ask – are these sites legit? Check out our blog post about online stores.