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Why Crochet?

There is something magical about creating things with your own hands. Crocheting is the process of creating patterned fabric using yarn. You can create just about anything with a hook and some yarn – baby blankets, kids toys, sweaters even a sculpture of a piano. Although crocheting has typically been seen as a hobby for the elderly in recent years there has been an uptick of younger individuals taking it up.


  • Stress Relief – Crocheting is a very relaxing hobby. The repetitive motion is calming and it is also a creative outlet.
  • Cost effective – Yarn is cheap. With a $10 skein of yearn, you can create great gifts for friends and family
  • Sense of Accomplishment – There’s a very satisfying feeling that comes with knowing you created something beautiful. Your brains reward center is stimulated when you complete a project.
  • Source of Income – Crocheting is a great way to make extra money. The more entrepreneurial minded crocheters sell their creations on platforms like Etsy.



  • Size matters – The size of the yarn should determine the size of the needle. Thick yarn = thick needles
  • Know your stitches – There are basic crochet stitches (single stitch, double stitch, half double stitch, treble stitch and slip stitch)
  • Terms vary – Crochet terms vary by country. This can get very confusing for beginners. Simply Crochet magazine has a very handy crochet conversion chart
  • Gauge swatch – Gauging measures the width and the height of your stitches. Every crocheter has a different technique, a gauge swatch helps you compare your actual number stitches to the stitches the design call for. Learn more about it here.
  • Take measurements – To crochet clothing items, it is important to know the body measurements of the intended recipient. Our blog post gives a detailed tutorial on how to take body measurements.


Crochet for Beginners


Simply Daisy is an excellent teacher. Her explanations are clear and concise and she goes through the steps slowly and thoroughly, so you don’t miss a thing. She has so many different videos, from how to crochet a breast cancer awareness pin to how to crochet a blanket.



If you’re feeling adventurous, Happy Berry is the channel to visit. Happy Berry is one of the most creative crochet Youtubers out there. Her Halloween tutorials range from crocheting mini witch hats to crocheting a eyeball. She also has a step-by-step video on crocheting Amigurumi dolls and Road Play Mats. Her creations are fun and incredibly creative!



Aqua Hannah makes it look so easy. Her crocheted clothes may look intricate and difficult to make, but her tutorials are so detailed and so helpful, you’ll find yourself with a gorgeous, handmade crop top in no time. Crochet tops are all on the rage on etsy. Once you get the hang of it, who knows, maybe you could start your own etsy shop.


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Fun Facts


A crocheting project typically takes less time than a knitting project, but it also uses about a third more yarn.



There are machines that can create knitted items but there is no machine that can recreate handmade crochet work.